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Verizon Cell Phone Plans 2020 – Smartphone Plans

Here’s a preview of the Verizon cell phone plans in 2020 to show what the new plans mean for new and current customers and help them to pick the best rate plan. The latest Verizon cell phone plans recently became actually one plan that provides unlimited talk and unlimited text along with available different data sizes. Data size and the number of lines per account are important factors you should consider to know your monthly payment, let’s discuss the new Verizon cell phone plans and show you how it works? And how you pay for your phone.

Verizon Cell Phone Plans in 2019

The new Verizon cell phone plans offer unlimited talk and unlimited text, the first step you should consider is the amount of data or shareable data (if you plan to add more than one line in your account) you will need. You have five different 4G LTE data plan sizes:

  • Small size plan, includes 1 GB for $30 a month.
  • Medium size plan, includes 3 GB for $45 a month.
  • Large size plan, includes 6 GB for $60 a month.
  • Extra large size plan, includes 12 GB for $80 a month.
  • Extra extra large size plan, includes 18 GB for $100 a month.

With the new Verizon plans, the picked Verizon data plan will be shared with all the lines that are in your account, and you can have up to 10 sharing lines per plan. Let us pick the 12 GB data plan as an example; the monthly bill will start at $80, the next step is to ask yourself how many lines you will add to the account. Check out US Cellular plans 2020.

Let’s say we want to add three lines, each line will cost you $20 a month. So, you will pay $80 for the plan itself and another $60 for the three lines which mean the total monthly bill is $140 a month. Keep in mind; don’t forget the taxes, which will make the difference between your calculations and the final bill cost. That was a few steps to get a better idea of how much you will pay with the Verizon cell phone plans.

Also changed the way you pay for your phone, it doesn’t subsidize the cost of the cell phone anymore. The Verizon plans come with no down payments, activation fees or 2 years contracts so, you have to pay the full price for the cell phone upfront or you can use the option to pay the phone off every month over the course of two years. Let’s take the iPhone 6 as an example, it is started at $650 you can either pay $650 upfront without any increase in the monthly fees or pay no money upfront and add $27.08 for the monthly fees until the end of the two years contract.

The Verizon Plans Features:

  • Unlimited talk and unlimited text.
  • Many Sharable data package sizes start from 1 GB to 18 GB.
  • Up to 10 lines sharing one plan.
  • $20 line access charge.
  • Pay the full price for the cell phone upfront, or monthly over the course of two years.
  • No down payments.
  • No activation fees.

The existing Verizon customers who thinking to switch to the new Verizon phone plans, have to know they will pay $40 per month for any on contract cell phone until the phone contract expired, then they will start to pay the normal $20 a month. Check out the best Verizon senior plans 2021 and Verizon Wireless free government phone.

Verizon Prepaid Cell Phone Plans

Verizon offers monthly prepaid cell phone plans for the basic phones and smartphones. With the Verizon prepaid plans, you pay in advance for your service without the need of a credit check.

Verizon basic cell phone prepaid plans

There are two plans, with the first, you get a combination of 300 minutes or text messages for $15 a month. The second basic phone plan gives you unlimited talk and unlimited text messages for $30 a month. The data access with the basic

plans is very limited, but you still have web access in some cases, you can consider these plans the Verizon calling plans.

Verizon smartphone prepaid plans

  • Unlimited talk and text messages, data access only when connected to Wi-Fi for $30 a month.
  • Unlimited talk and text messages, 2 GB for $45 a month.
  • Unlimited talk and text messages, 5 GB for $60 a month.
  • Get a bonus 1 GB a month if you signed up for automatic payments and select any ofthe prepaid smartphone plans.
  • You can add additional data starting at $5 for 500 MB.

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The latest Verizon phone plans are really good deals for families and individuals who don’t want to pay upfront for their phones. It is recommended for the Verizon current customers to switch to the new Verizon phone plans after their phone contracts have expired.